Since entering the practice of law in 1980, John Maksimovich has represented hundreds of defendants facing criminal charges in Indiana State and U.S. Federal Courts. Mr. Maksimovich has extensive experience as primary defense counsel in all aspects of complex and multi-defendant state and federal criminal cases, including bail, detention, and preliminary hearings, violation of supervised release, pre-trial motion practice, trial, sentencing, appeal, and post conviction relief. Committed to excellence in all areas of practice, Mr. Maksimovich has successfully represented defendants against both the federal and state death penalty and in the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit. He is an active member of the Criminal Justice Act Panel at both the District Court and Appellate Court level for criminal, post-conviction, and civil rights appointments. Mr. Maksimovich's criminal defense work has led to numerous acquittals, case dismissals, and other favorable outcomes for individuals and multiple defendants accused of murder,

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