First-Rate Federal Criminal Defense Representation

When the federal government gets involved in a criminal investigation, the stakes are high. The government has seemingly unlimited resources to investigate and prosecute alleged offenses. The potential penalties are significant. Many lawyers do not provide federal criminal defense representation due to the resources of the government and the complexity of the cases.

We Put The Rights Of Our Clients First

The rules and procedures in federal court can take years to understand. A conviction in federal court can trigger mandatory minimum sentencing. Your lawyer needs to understand the nuances of federal law, mandatory minimum sentencing and how the sentencing guidelines apply to an individual case. The goals, rights and best interests of our clients are paramount. We explore every avenue to present a strong defense to obtain the most favorable outcome possible.

No Federal Case Is Too Complex, Or Too Small For Our Experience

At the law firm of John Maksimovich, Attorney at Law, in Crown Point, we have substantial experience effectively representing clients at all stages of an investigation, at trial and on appeal. If you believe you are under investigation for a federal crime, have received a subpoena or request for information, or are under indictment, it is critical for you to have an experienced lawyer by your side. No federal case is too complex, or too small. Attorney Maksimovich has effectively handled death penalty cases, intensive financial crimes with massive discovery and has also won six federal appeals.

Our experience defending clients throughout Northwest Indiana is a clear strength of the firm. We are well-equipped to stand between you and the power of the government across the spectrum of federal charges, such as:

Federal prosecutors seldom rush to present their case to a grand jury. Often, an individual may become aware that an investigation is open long before an indictment is handed down. Obtaining representation at the first sign of trouble is important. The sooner you call us for guidance, the sooner we can begin to build a solid defense strategy aimed at achieving results.

To speak with a trial proven lawyer in NWI, call 219-213-3628 or send us an email to request a confidential consultation. We frequently make jail visits and are committed to providing first-rate representation, straightforward guidance and the personal service you deserve. We are conveniently located three blocks south of the government center on North Main Street in Crown Point.