Experienced Drug Crimes Defense In State And Federal Court

Despite the ongoing public debate over the outlandish severity of our nation's drug laws, law enforcement agencies and prosecutors in Northwest Indiana continue to aggressively pursue drug crimes. With the prospect of mandatory minimum sentences, it is vital to seek the representation of a seasoned drug crime lawyer.

At the law office of John Maksimovich, Attorney at Law, in Crown Point, we have extensive experience in state and federal courts defending people who have been accused of all manner of drug violations. When you work with us to protect your rights — and future — you are gaining access to a tenacious trial lawyer with more than 35 years of legal experience. Our comprehensive approach to personal service and aggressive advocacy are true benefits for our clients.

Focusing On Both You And Your Case

We take the time to get to know each client as a real-world person who is facing a significant legal challenge. Creating the best strategies to obtain favorable results does not occur in vacuum. We are not here to judge clients, but to provide a strong defense, well-grounded in seasoned legal judgment. We will attentively listen to your story and your goals to provide you with straightforward guidance about your legal options. You need to know what you are up against to effectively have a voice in your defense.

With a full picture of our clients, we draw on decades of experience in local courtrooms in Northwest Indiana to analyze the facts of each case. Search and seizure issues are common concerns in drug-related arrests. Our commitment to safeguarding the rights of clients and our passion for defending the Constitution drive our focused criminal defense practice. Our founding lawyer has effectively handled the most serious felony cases, including capital offenses in both state and federal court.

Full-Service Defense In State And Federal Court

We are fully prepared to present an aggressive defense to any kind of state or federal offense, including:

  • Drug cultivation or manufacturing
  • Drug trafficking
  • Drug distribution
  • Drug possession charges
  • Prescription medication violations
  • Conspiracy charges
  • Additional charges tied to a drug offense, such as weapons charges, money laundering and violent crimes

We are committed to providing aggressive advocacy and personalized legal counsel to our clients every step of the way. No two cases, and no two criminal defense strategies, are identical. You deserve to work with a lawyer who has the knowledge and experience to provide a tailored defense. Our goal is to achieve results, including acquittal at trial, dismissal based upon unlawful actions of the government or alternative outcomes to minimize the long-term harm a conviction can have for our clients.

Speak With A Lawyer Who Has The Knowledge To Safeguard Your Rights

We invite you to learn more how working with a skilled trial attorney can be your advantage in fighting any kind of state or federal drug charge in Northwest Indiana. To arrange a no-pressure, confidential consultation with a respected drug crime defense lawyer, send us a message using our online contact form, or call 219-213-3628.