DUI/OWI Charges

Facing any criminal charge can be daunting. For many people, being pulled over for a DUI first offense is his or her first brush with the law. For others, the stakes may be raised based upon allegations of a repeat DUI/OWI offense. No matter what your circumstances may involve, you do not have to face the prosecution alone.

It is often tempting for people accused of drunk driving to simply plead guilty under the misconception that OWI charges are too difficult to beat in Northwest Indiana. The penalties for a DUI/OWI offense are vast. Driver's license suspension problems alone can have a tremendous impact on your life — making it difficult for you to get to and from work, pick up groceries and tend to your day-to-day business. We work tirelessly to address the issues beginning on Day One to obtain favorable results.

We Analyze Every Aspect To Find Flaws And Weaknesses

At the law office of John Maksimovich, Attorney at Law, in Crown Point, we leave no stone unturned to evaluate a case and craft the best legal strategies to obtain the best results possible. With more than 35 years of experience, we review every detail of the traffic stop, field sobriety testing procedures, reliability of the Breathalyzer test and arrest procedures in each individual case to ensure our client's rights are protected.

We evaluate the facts in each case, and when appropriate, will file motions in court to get driving privileges reinstated as soon as possible. We draw on vast experience in local courtrooms in Lake and Porter counties to negotiate with prosecutors. It may be possible to reduce the charges to reckless driving to minimize the short- and long-term consequences. All along the way, we will keep you up-to-date on the status of your case and provide the straightforward advice you need to make informed decisions.

Our founding lawyer has earned a solid reputation for his trial skills. However, providing a strong defense to DUI/OWI charges often requires more than a bulldog in court. We work inside and outside of the courtroom to find ways to minimize the damages of a drunk driving arrest as efficiently as possible.

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