Well-Rounded Criminal Defense Representation In Northwest Indiana

If you or a loved one is accused of a state or federal crime in Northwest Indiana, you need to have a lawyer in your corner who is determined to champion your rights. It is not enough for you to work with a criminal defense attorney who will provide a cursory review of your case and move you through the system. You deserve to have access to an experienced lawyer who will fully analyze the prosecution's case, get to know you as a whole person who needs aggressive advocacy and work with you every step of the way to obtain the most favorable outcome possible.

The Experience Of Your Lawyer Matters

At the criminal defense practice of John Maksimovich, Attorney at Law, in Crown Point, you will work with a lawyer who has served NWI for more than 35 years. Our focused criminal defense practice is founded on the principles of hard work, aggressive advocacy and personal service. We believe that proactively investigating the evidence and, when necessary, working with outside experts to present testimony for a strong defense should be considered when preparing a defense strategy.

We offer a full-range of criminal defense services, including defending against:

  • Federal crimes: The federal government seems to have nearly unlimited resources to investigate and prosecute criminal offenses. We vigorously pursue every avenue available to prepare and present a serious defense to federal charges. A command of the complex rules of court and technical characteristics of the federal sentencing guidelines are clear strengths of our firm.
  • White collar offenses: Prosecutors often rely on voluminous documents, evidence obtained through wiretaps and claims of witnesses to pursue fraud and financial crimes in state or federal court. Our knowledge of the law, command of constitutional protections and our drive to obtain the best possible outcome are clear strengths of our white collar crimes defense practice.
  • Drug crimes: Mandatory minimum sentencing for many drug crimes is often a significant concern. We work tirelessly to minimize the impact of criminal charges in state and federal courts in Northwest Indiana. We are here to help you whether you made a simple mistake in judgment, were caught up in circumstances that seemed out of your control or have been falsely accused of a drug offense.
  • DUI/OWI charges: Drunk driving charges can haunt you for years to come. If you or a loved one is accused of DUI/OWI charges based on alcohol, prescription medications or other substances, we are here to help you to protect your rights.
  • Criminal appeals: Reviewing the record and crafting a well-reasoned criminal appeal requires a focused skill set. While trial lawyers are trained to protect the record, an experienced appellate attorney must have a full command of the rules and law of evidence, as well as the ability to craft compelling legal arguments to present to appellate judges. We have substantial experience and a strong track record with state and federal appeals. However, we do not rest on our past results, but use the knowledge we have earned to continue to provide seasoned counsel and aggressive advocacy for clients of the firm.

We strive to make ourselves available for clients. We regularly make jail visits. If you or a loved one is facing criminal charges — or a bail hearing — contact us online, or call 219-213-3628 to arrange a no-pressure consultation to learn how we will protect your rights.